Owl Rock Room.jpg

Owl Rock (Sold)
Oil on canvas over board

I'd painted an owl some years back, and it felt like time to do another. Of all the animal subjects I think I like owls most. Not entirely sure why but there it is.

The first attempt was a good effort as paintings go but it wasn't what I wanted. So I decided to leave it be and move on to some more renditions of owls, and this is the one that came up next.

It's obviously more of a rock pillar than owl but even though the owl is pretty small it's still clearly a painting of an owl.

The pillar is based on a real rock feature in some exotic location on the planet, good enough to be a painting in its own right, but it's definitely the owl that gives it meaning. 

Also available in print


R18 000
Ready to hang

Excludes shipping and framing
Price applies in South Africa only.
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