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Owl 3 Room Wix.jpg

Owl 3
Oil on canvas over board

Original SOLD

Limited large format prints are available here

Another step in the pursuit of a brush and ink style, but accomplished in oil on a large scale. This one comes within stone throwing range of that goal, although it could be that in it's pure form - fresh bold strokes against a pristine white background- its just not feasible.

As has happened in previous attempts, blank white simply feels too bare as a background, and inevitably I try adding the bare minimum of colour, only to find it needs more, and more....

The scratchy yellow ochre was really just a stab into the unknown but it worked well enough to leave it at that. Call it a sort of dusk, I guess.

Ready to hang as is, but easily stripped off the marine ply support for tube shipping if needed.


R21 000
Ready to hang

Excludes shipping and framing
Price applies in South Africa only.
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For international sales please see HERE

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