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The Traveller

I watched a video of a guy teaching himself to ride a penny farthing, and that story combined with some other imagery to produce a small piece, which proved so popular a string of paintings ensued in response to the demand it created. The series had to end somewhere, so the plan was to do one final large format version and make prints from there, which is what you see here. (You can see that progression on Instagram if you like - @jancdw)

73x98cm and 48x65cm
excl 6cm wrap border

Limited to 50 per size


   Med (65x48cm) : R    1 600      
Large (98x70m): R    3 200     
Individually numbered and signed
Shipped as unmounted loose canvas

Shipping within South Africa, Postnet shop to shop R99
For international shipping please
get in touch

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